Herzone offers a unqiue shopping experience brought for the very first time in Egypt for ladies, no more STROLLING between shops, with Herzone now you can start SCROLLING for your needs, where all your necessities are available in one single place waiting for you to place an order. Excellent Quality,  wide Variety, Exclusivity, fast shipping & cash on delivery all for an enjoyable and comfortable experience.
herZone is an online shopping center, that's why we don't have physical shops
Yes, you must register in order to make purchase
Yes, you must register in order to make purchase
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Usually we deliver the products within 3 to 7 days, if you still didn’t receive it by that time, please contact us or call us on
If you have any problem with your order please contact us or call us on
You have 3 days to return your order, and it must be with the same packing and condition you received it.
Yes you have to pay the shipping fees for returns.
You can get the refund within 14 business days from the request date.
They are securely kept in our database.
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